Book Illustrations: Chance Particulars

In 2018, Maud Taber-Thomas contributed thirty pen and ink illustrations for the book Chance Particulars: A Writer’s Field Notebook for Travelers, Bloggers, Essayists, Memoirists, Novelists, Journalists, Adventurers, Naturalists, Sketchers, and Other Note-Takers and Recorders of Life, by Sara Mansfield Taber, published by Johns Hopkins University Press.

Chance Particulars Cover


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News and Events

Maud Taber-Thomas’s 2016 artist talk, in which she discusses literature, Renaissance music, and how they relate to her paintings, is now available to watch on Youtube.

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I am happy to announce that my charcoal drawing “Tempest Chess Game” was awarded 2nd place in the show Poe and Puck, an exhibition  of artworks inspired by Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe at the Mansion at Strathmore in Bethesda, MD!

The show runs from January 13th through March 4th, 2018.

My painting “Summer” is also featured in the exhibition.

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